Software Testing and QA Services

We ensure our digital end product to go through complete testing phase via Manual & Automation Testing to assure the strict quality before launching the product.

Software Testing and QA Services

Interpreting Quality Assurance Standards

We mainly categorize Testing phase into 3 sub-categories as given below:

  • Website and Mobile App Testing
  • API Testing
  • Backend Testing
Our skilled team of Quality Assurance and Testing division make in use the standard testing skills, and vast experience in Software Testing Services to ensure all the features within the Website & Application, including server potential, cross-browser testing, compatibility testing, performance load, and security concerns are rigorously tested and completely verified.

4 Steps to Productive Quality Product


Testing Strategy

Carrying out with systematic testing plan is essential to assure the product quality and we stick to it with a rock plan.


Test Design Module

We develop test designs, and define the possible lineouts to initiate the test level for GUI Testing and graphical interface errors.


Test Execution

Here, we carry out our main motive of test suite, relying on certain standard and customized test cases in a suite while flushing all the issues to the back door.


Test Closure

In an end Test Closure, you will be provided with detailed document conveying all the conduct and behaviour of testing cycle taken during Testing phase along with the list of errors found & fixed errors.

Quality Assurance Services

Testing Categories

The testing is taken to match the requirements of the client-end and user-end both adjoined to deliver a quality product. Our experienced Testing team holds scrutiny to learn our user needs, and apply the effective understanding to a rigorous set of tests to ensure your application truly fulfil its purpose.

  •  Web and Mobile testing
  •   Functional testing
  •   UI testing
  •   API testing
  •  Performance testing
  •  Regression testing
  •   Acceptance Testing
  •  Usability testing
Automation Testing Tool & Technologies

Automation Testing invokes to increase the frequency and coverage of testing efforts, that can rapidly increase your teams overall productivity. To provide our clients with an amazing results, our QA Team uses popular Automation Test Tools and here they are:

  •   Visual Regression Testing
  •   Selenium WebDriver
  •   Apache Jmeter
  •  Postman
  •  Appium
  •  PyTest
Test Automation Frameworks

Test Automation Frameworks brings all the test suites together to maximize the product output with long stability. Automation Testing frameworks also bring together the coding standards, best practices, test-data handling, and crash/bug reporting to create across-the-board efficiency. To hand over unified test process, our QA Engineers use industry-standard framework, likewise:

  •   Webdriver.IO
  •   WD.jsr
  •  Mocha.js
  •  Jasmine.js
  •  QUnit
  •  Chai.js
Benefits of Leveraging our QA Experts & Engineers

We save your money on the Development Phase by detecting defects earlier in the Software Life Cycle and enhancing the end-product quality. We sort to improve customer satisfaction by providing hard-tested, bug-free applications of superior quality.At the end phase of Quality Assurance, it’s a strict need to verify the whole Software Development Life Cycle, but we plan the risks at the earlier stages of Conceptualisation and Development to upgrade the efficiency.

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