Trending Apps for Mobile App Development in 2019-2020

Quick Overview

Each day, some ultra-modern brands launch their smart phones in the wide market globally while on the other hand indirectly the Mobile App Development sector has its massive impact on the rising statistics from a long time ahead. The smart phone is hitting on the grid with a bunch of peppy apps and the whole market concentration level is upholding on the mobile app building scale.

“Mobile Apps can be convincing & engaging, if fittingly with a useful concept & substantial user-experience”

However, as we can analyze the major sum of people using their smart phones worldwide.

OOPS! (I’m powerless, to sum up, the gross calculation. Hoping so, it’s infinite). So, proving it’s acceptable to our minds that indulgences of smart phones plus a few essential mobile apps have become a necessity in our daily life and we’ve got a total dependency on them.

This blog is idealized on the concept of providing the current trending ideas and app fields that are into a golden period so, you can figure out your niche for crafting/building mobile apps that can hike your business as well as set brand identity within the app market & engage wide reach users.

Let’s dig deeper!

Visionary Start-Up Mobile App Ideas for 2019-2020

  1. Food Delivery Apps
  2. Mental Healthcare Apps
  3. Taxi Booking Apps
  4. Live Video Streaming Apps

1. Food Delivery Apps

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development is in a great hype and is susceptible to a huge market all over.

A simple logic to stick on – ‘People won’t stop mingling their taste buds and eating food items so, neither will food delivery app business stop’.

It’s a big add-on for your small food business as nowadays, the customer/users want to live up and eat a life of ease hence, they order their favorite food from barely an app while saving their time on couch and watching TV bings, or possibly from work area.

All the game of time saving & mobility that’s tending customer/users to switch to Food Delivery Apps. Meantime, have a look at the statistical bar graph that illustrates the Annual Compound Rate rapidly uprising currently and in the next five years for Food Delivery Apps to rule.

This simple concept majorly focus on your food delivery app that will provide customers/users to explore food items and prices along with the users can provide feedback to the restaurant/café owners. Customers are urging for a well-defined app with a smooth interface and strong build functionality with must-on features within the app.

These apps use route optimization and real-time tracking so, the customer/users can track their orders and check the arrival time. It gives a certain transparency between owners and users plus making out a business profitable to the app owner and an establishment of a strong network.

2. Mental Healthcare Apps

Mental Healthcare Apps – A revolution in bringing immutable medical mobility in saving order and just by sitting wherever, you are. Just with a few healthy clicks, your medical appointment is booked and all your precious time is saved. People seeking medical help is common nowadays, but they don’t have the right mettle so, that’s a pitfall.

While overviewing this analysis, people don’t tend to share their mental problems to anyone, even the parents are conflicted via this whole serious matter in effect.

So, taking confidentiality as a major role, the Mental Healthcare App comes into an effect. Moreover, stating if an app is created to stable these kinds of mental illness problems/issues and building stress-free theme apps so, an administrator responsible has to be equally good and the app must have compelling features to sustain within the users.

Well, that’s some magic trick to behold, how it works & mind-blowing features (in brief):

  • The users can do self-monitoring while using the app and switch accordingly to their current moods.
  • They can track their symptoms dynamically with an effective dashboard and also track improvements daily.
  • Then “Notifications” play a vital role in offering tailored medical suggestions and makes the user practice relaxing exercises and habits.
  • Remote Support Groups for isolated person can help out for emergency scenarios, or need to talk with a mental professional expert.
  • A free helpline number to use initiated via app community owner, if any user is suffering from suicidal thoughts and serious depression.
  • The Addiction module in-app is efficiently enabled to track patient habits and search out for root consequences and the logs of their resisting bad habits per day.

“Breaking Depression & Mental Illness was never so easy in primeval time, but it is now, with such Mental Healthcare Mobile App and Support Groups.”

The list doesn’t ends here, but possibly till now, you would steadily have a quick understanding of the concept behind Mental Healthcare App Development and why it’s a solid theme for your business development.

Coming to an endnote, it must be duly noted that for engaging users/patients with your app, a few gamification elements and virtual transitions can be implemented within to let users/patients experience their recovery process with some catchy healing quotes and pleasing sounds.

3. Taxi Booking Apps

Thanks to super Taxi Booking Apps like Ola, Uber, etc that made our life easy with just tap transportation and we are done traveling to our destination within an adequate time. Taxi App Development is necessary for your local Taxi business,or any customizations you want as an implementation to the grade.

Everything is changed and rapidly changing due to Taxi Apps running widely on Play store/Google store. The taxi business is currently trending on the rocks as the passenger/users are experiencing the superior facilities with their transportation mobility app and feeling safe rides logically, demanding the massive use of Taxi Apps.

Key Features of a Splendid Taxi App

  • Dashboard allows an Admin to view Statistics & Earnings per day and weekly based on the requirements.
  • Admin can track Drivers & Riders and moderate the ride details.
  • Reports & Analytics to see various reports including Driver Reports & Payment Reports.
  • Payment PDFs can be generated via Admin Panel.
  • Admin has access to manage all the drivers and can track their current locations.
  • Drivers within the app can view the route trip, pick up location, and destination on the map.
  • Communication effective while drivers can contact the passenger/users for any doubts.
  • A driver can check notifications for pickup request and canceled rides.
  • Drivers have the accessibility to rate the passengers and provide the proper feedback.
  • Drivers can also check Fare Estimations.
  • Rider/Passengers can view and edit their profiles.
  • Riders can view driver details and fare estimation charges for their rides.
  • They can contact, or communicate with the specific driver assigned for a pickup via call/text.
  • Riders also get notifications for arrived & canceled rides.
  • Riders can provide ratings to the drivers.

I hope, you got a concise understanding of the taxi app concept and why building on this theme is worthwhile. While nowadays, in the market many customizable Taxi App Solutions with native Android & iOS are available and one can go for sure to explore and a must-on who has a Taxi business.

4. Live Video Streaming Apps

Let’s break an ice and have a brief exploring tour for understanding Live Video Streaming Apps.

It’s a broadcast of all the events and actions while in process allowing the users to watch the story feed in real-time such as providing you with an easy and accurate example - you may be using these big platform apps such as Instagram, Facebook & Netflix. Well, they are loaded with Live Streaming Video feature and it is used by people worldwide because of social media streaming within.

Video games are majorly utilizing this feature and gamers are feeling grandiose vibes while live streaming of new game launches and promotional events. Just don’t recreate vision of watching your favorite actor/singer, that’s all for real and it’s happening as everyone is fond of using this live feature of live video streaming feature.

For business owners to invest in a new startup theme “Live Streaming Apps” are the best genre/theme to build your brand identity. Such as:

  • Online Fitness Training to attract new customers and can show the premises.
  • Streaming security app for the users to safeguard their homes and children with recording function (24*7 surveillance).
  • Social streaming with friends and relatives dwelling in foreign countries.
Essential Features within Live Streaming App
  1. Monitoring/view prolonged user activities and statistics of activities.
  2. Personal profile for uploading pictures, editing profile, and commenting on videos.
  3. Talking about Payment gateway (Stripe & PayPal Integration) is added.
  4. The live chat feature that enables the audience/users to engage and talk to their favorite star or celeb. It’s a prime feature for a user engagement activity.
  5. Paid stickers and visual effects can upgrade the influence of the app and it will be much user engaging feature than the rest of it.
  6. With the help of Local Storage feature, the users can save any live streaming video into their device memory because all due to weak network coverage, so, this problem can be sorted out via local storage. The best example of a clear idea is – YouTube (Offline Video Mode).
  7. The app owner can earn from adding “Subscription Mode” as mainly informing the users about their new videos and subscribing to as many people on their channels. Gross earning can be pushed in easily.


Hoping guys, your concepts are clear and you must have sorted out till now, the business theme you’re going to invest in and the mobile app development sector you want to shake hand with. Act now and you can make a big bang success to your startup business and lit up with the most remarkable profits.

Creating your own mobile app will drive your business sales and expand horizons globally. If you want people to use your services more often and expect your brand/business to emerge as a global identity then building a mobile app is a mind-blowing idea.

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Thanks a ton for reading and I really appreciate your valuable time and kind feedbacks. Let me, know if you’ve any business idea, or any outline for the meantime so, we can shape it all altogether.

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