PHP is a Marvelous Choice for your Website Development

Not much familiar with PHP?

The question comes to mind for those who are unaware of the PHP language and its benefits?

In short, PHP is a web language defined as an acronym for (Hypertext Preprocessor) and built upon C programming language that uses well-defined HTML tags to contain/carry its code. It’s widely used open server-side scripting language that runs on your web server that’s going to serve HTML to your visitors.

It’s free to use as an open-source perk. Well, coming to a fact point it’s strongly available to run the largest social network (Facebook) and PHP’s functionality also plays a specific role in the building of dynamic and functional Wordpress websites. It’s a major push behind custom Wordpress themes and plugins.

Superpowers of PHP

Interestingly, now you’re on the track so, it’s mandatory to know a few amazing superpowers of PHP, as you must formerly know the features of any specific programming language before going hands on it

Here, they are cataloged:

  • PHP is capable of generating dynamic page content and can collect form data.
  • Send & Receive Cookies
  • Building Website & Web Applications and a robust backend hold capability
  • Adding, deleting, and modifying data in your database is one of the specialized features
  • It’s no longer a fuss complicated language and the accessibility is also great when talking about PHP
  • An independent language with real-time access monitoring
  • PDF generation and Shell Command Execution are splendid in PHP language
  • Managing user sessions along with maintained details and can custom it
  • URL Manipulation & Switching can be done smoothly via PHP
  • Encryption of data such as MD5 & SHA1 Encryption
  • It supports associative arrays and working with strings in PHP is easy
  • Widely in use because of the compatibility factor of support with all the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc.

Get to know a basic syntax PHP program

Hey, it’s easy dude!

Opening PHP Tag –

For Output of one, or more string

String defined with any message you want as an output/result

For End of Statement

Closing PHP Tag

Above is illustrated, a basic PHP Syntax simplified for your better understanding and where you can get started with more exciting programs.

What’s new in PHP 7.2?

  • Deliberately much faster than previous stable release (PHP 5.6)
  • It supports stricter type declarations for function arguments
  • Improved Error Handling and supports new operators such as (<=>) Spaceship operator.
  • You can also define an array as a constant using (define) command.
  • For example –
    define (‘Name’, array(‘Rosy’, ‘Mark’));
    echo Name[1]; //output will be “Rosy”

Rolling Out PHP Facts

PHP will continue to grow because of a strong network of developer’s community and its basic infrastructure and clean code syntax has made PHP a suitable language for major websites and web applications.

A few fact statements paired for support and pragmatic means of PHP are:

  • PHP is leading a huge market share and a massive user base structure over any other simplified language (states for only web applications).
  • How can we forget the strong frameworks of PHP? (Laravel & Symfony) as they say, jacked and all-rounder. Laravel is the most widely used framework of PHP and its stable on the run for so long.
  • Around 244 million websites were developed using PHP language in the world. Talking about outspread usage of PHP - eCommerce, Social Media, and many more Wiki sites including Facebook & Amazon are still on it. More than the top 10 million websites use PHP and this shows the based trust factor.
  • There are no such written standards for PHP language and it was designed to replace a set of Pearl scripts to sustain personal home pages.
  • PHP is an open-source and purposely scripting language plus its code in script can query databases, read & write files, create images, and talk to remote servers. It’s a lot more dynamic for programmers.
  • PHP is available for free and is not distributed under the General Public License.


Coming to the aftermath of PHP language in this blog, it’s almost sheer that Custom PHP website development has a strong future and a long run to go after the arrival of new programming languages although.

A bunch of languages, but not everyone is the same and offers transparency and simplified structure. As you’ve to choose language for your project role that it goes with plain sailing and since PHP had arrived, big things are improved and a lot more coming on the way.

While, if you’re thinking technically about starting your career as a PHP Developer then don’t give it a second thought. A huge stack of PHP jobs are available and it’ll remain in strong effect in the nearby future, as the demand is always ample and developers are learning plus making it in use. Now, it depends upon you the side you choose and your interest plays a vital role in learning and enhancing your skills.

Although, a huge website and back end development business is taken over by PHP language and many projects are running successfully out there with great positive feedbacks in my professional working group, as I forgot to state about working in the very same IT domain.

Thanks a ton for reading and we really appreciate your valuable time and kind feedbacks. Let us, know if you’ve any business idea, or any outline for meantime so, we can shape it altogether!

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