Online Taxi Business on the run with Taxi App Development

Far wide, the business economy have reached and we all believe, a global connection and marketing is mandatory for every business, nowadays for a wide reach base of customers interlinked to upcoming new customer/users of your product, or services. One of the wide growing businesses is Taxi business; therefore it’s totally nailing online with an official status and the best Taxi Apps available online in the market likewise, Uber, Ola Cabs, and many more. Their revenues are blowing the roof.

While many of the Taxi fleet operators are already making a good business and had automated their Taxi business online via Mobile Apps. It’s a wake-up call for other Taxi business owners to create and provide their users to avail Taxi services with just a click and get their business on the run.

Well, Ride-Sharing Apps are also trending in the bucket list and timely it has revolutionized the way commuters/passengers are reaching their destination with a smart click and availing discounts and huge benefits too. As well as the old days are passed when, we all use to wait so long for buses, trains, and public transport to travel our destination facing adequate problems.

Thereby, here’s a quick guide to set up your own taxi business online and create your success pavilion

Now, talking about the setup and watching out the budget fence, you’re valid for 2 options and here they are:

  • Simplified Taxi App with Minimum Budget Limit

It will provide the users of the Mobile App, the list of Cab/Taxi Services nearby and their rate list. The passengers on your app can book the cab directly via calling the cab driver and check the fare list. Maps will be included with pick up and drop location services in this budget module, depicting the simplified budget Taxi App.

  • Uber-like Taxi App with Advanced Functionalities and Hardcore Budget

The start of the development phase in Uber-like Taxi App is dependent on the robust server and back-end deployment. The app will reveal its magic via server and you need to create two separate versions of apps – One is for Drivers & secondly, for Riders/Passengers. It will exceed your pocket and take a massive budget to build Uber like Mobile App that runs smoothly with various development modules working on it further. Maintenance of the product (Taxi App) is mandatory and the core furthermost for ductility.

Nowadays, no metro cities can be pictured without any taxi service and the local taxi system. The Taxi system and app comes with a resplendent point of avoiding a system from maintenance cost, toll fees, and expensive parking fees. This all extra expenditure is saved by a normal taxi app.

Technology Stack Information

    For Android Platform

These are the essentials of development for Android App module for building a Taxi Booking App:

  • MVP Code Module
  • JAVA/Kotlin
  • FCM Push Notifications
  • Firebase Real-time DB for Chat
  • Retrofit Network Library
  • Google Map SDK for Android
  • Android Studio 3.3

    For iOS Platform

These are the essentials of development for iOS App module for building a Taxi Booking App:

  • VIPER Code Module
  • Swift 5
  • Google Map SDK for iOS
  • APNS Push Notifications
  • Alamofire Network Library
  • Firebase Real-time DB for Chat
  • Xcode 10.1

Let’s break Taxi App Module into 3 Phases:

    Admin Panel/Owner

These are the essentials of development for Android App module for building a Taxi Booking App:

  • Secure Login
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Passengers
  • Manage Trips & Vehicles
  • Manage Reports
  • Manage Booking Requests
  • Manage Payments
  • Track Rides
  • Customizable Categories

    Driver App Module

  • Profile Verification
  • Availability Status
  • Start & End Trips
  • Accept/Reject Ride Request
  • Ride Info
  • GPS Navigation
  • Trip History
  • Customer Support
  • Driver Dashboard
  • Invite Friends

    Passenger App Module

  • Book Now/Book Later
  • Time Estimation
  • Quick Registration
  • Push Notification & Alerts
  • SOS Button
  • Trip History
  • Rate Drivers
  • Cancel Booking
  • Contact Driver
  • Set Location
  • Suggestions

Extensive Features of Taxi/Cab Booking App

Here, are the features that are available in almost every Taxi App and these are the benefits, the user/riders will get while using the app:

  • Hassle-free Registration and Easy Login
  • Location-based Taxi Booking Facility
  • Booking Ride Details
  • Exact Pickup and Drop off Location for Rider/Passengers
  • The success rates of transportation mode of Taxi/Cabs are high often and in great demand
  • Time and Cost-effective mobility solution
  • Payment Gateway Integration is customizable and payments can be summed up with just one-click online with total security encrypted
  • The app feature supports premium benefits to the premium paid user/riders


We all are aware of Taxi Apps that had proved a major role for all the taxi businesses out there in the market. These apps offer your business many benefits including understanding the current market trends, right approach to customers and upgrading service quality and safety.

So, analyzing the pre-situation, if you don’t have a good taxi app for your business and still oblivious in a right decision making, then you must be losing a lot of revenue for your competitors. Build a taxi mobile app today and you’ll experience the benefits in no time. The cost of a taxi mobile app development can never be compared to the benefits that you will reap from the app within the ongoing process.

Are you ready to start your project?